Case Studies

Paul Smith Shop – Harrods

Shopping is more than just buying; it’s a social and emotional experience that is meant to engage the senses. It is important to offer an environment that will encourage relaxation, an environment that is as beautiful and inspiring as the goods inside a store, otherwise it really is easier for consumers to just click and shop.

The Paul Smith shop within Harrods features Clayworks Clay Plaster walls finished in a simple, textured ‘Linear Lines’ pattern, using our rustic finish in a custom Paul Smith colour.

There seems to be a trend for less plastic, less shine and more natural textures in retail design. Palettes are moving towards neutral tones and the patterns tend to be larger scale and seamless. Clay plaster walls help to absorb glare and acoustics, soothing the senses, while this rustic aesthetic, tailored with eye catching patterns provides a designer experience within a designer store.