Japanese arakabe clay plaster finishes using Clayworks clay plasters

Japanese Plasters | Arakabe Range


Picture courtesy of The Social Company

Our range of Arakabe inspired Japanese Plasters was launched last year and they have since been specified in some of the best Japanese and Asian restaurants in London. Their success prompted us to enter them into the Restaurant and Bar Product Design Awards.

Sosharu, a Japanese Izakaya restaurant by Jason Atherton and designed by Neri & Hu has an interior that reflects ‘traditional Japanese Minka houses, giving a sense of intimacy and calm’.

Erika Lanselle, Senior Associate of Neri & Hu explained why Clayworks Clay Plasters were specified:

“Neri&Hu were aiming to create a perimeter of intrigue in the ground floor space, with a unique finish that would have its own character while complementing the feature timber structure sheltering the Main Dining area. The Clayworks cement finish helped to add depth and texture to the walls, which were further highlighted with custom mirrors and lighting.”

Picture courtesy of The Social Company

Natural Beauty

Our Arakabe Japanese Plasters range from highly polished, with warm earthy tones, through to very rustic with straw, organic elements and natural textures. They are about keeping everything simple yet luxurious, sensuous yet logical, calm, low key and designed to promote emotional wellbeing and tranquility.

They are about adhering to the Japanese style that revolves around a love and respect for nature and natural beauty.


Araki Restaurant. Designed by Takenaka. 

Centre photograph by Lucilla Nitto © 2014