Clayworks clay plaster used for Princess retail flagstone in Antwerp

New Texture – The Rough with the Smooth

A stunning mix of polished and textured surface design, that can be created uniquely with clay plasters, is our latest innovation and after much discussion we have named it, quite simply, The Rough with the Smooth.

Because clay does not go through a chemical reaction and ‘set’, it has a long workability period for expert, artisan plasterers to work with and it will hold intricate textures and sculptural designs leading to striking visual effects. The drama is enhanced with light, contrast, strong colours and textures to create an aesthetic distinctive to raw clay.

For specialist finishes such as The Rough with the Smooth, Clayworks collaborates very closely with designers and specialist plasterers to create customised surface designs that can be varied by colour and coarseness of texture.

In this case, we were honoured to work in collaboration with Belgian Architect and Design firm Anversa and specialist artisan plasterers Guy Valentine and Aeris Textures to create an interior finish for the Princess retail store in Antwerp.

Using only natural earth minerals, the plasters are through pigmented, meaning that they will never require painting, while an almost infinite colour palette is achievable.

Our core philosophy is to deliver plasters of the finest quality that speak honestly and beautifully about the beauty of raw materials our aim to reinvent, rethink and re-imagine the possibilities of clay plasters has been pushed one step further with this collaboration.

The Princess Antwerp Knokke design is also a beautiful example of how just one surface material can be used to create sensory stimulation and relaxation in a large space.


Clayworks never stands still and we are always working to improve, to stay at the forefront of innovative and natural surface materials and so when we were asked to create a matching exterior surface finish it was another opportunity to develop something new. Because pure clay plasters are not suitable for exteriors and wet areas, we incorporated other natural products with clay to create a robust and fully waterproof finish.  Preserving the particular Rough with the Smooth aesthetic for a perfect match was the key objective, as was ensuring the material would be suitable for a busy urban area in the wet, Northern European climate.

Architecture & Interior Design: Anversa

Photographs: Frederik Vercruysse

Plaster: The Rough with the Smooth by Clayworks.

Plastering: Guy Valentine with Aeris Textures.

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