Clayworks works with a wide range of clients in the restaurant trade worldwide. You can find our bespoke plaster finishes at many locations in the UK (including London, Oxford, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, etc), as well as Australia, Dubai, Qatar among others. Clients include international renowned chains such as Wahaca, Nando’s and Ippudo, as well as others in the hospitality field such as Kervan, Araki and Zero Degrees Brewery.



Clayworks’ natural clay plaster finishes are equally suitable for residential interiors as in commercial applications. Their unique beauty and versatility surpasses other non natural wall surface products while providing proven health benefits that others can’t.



Beautiful and unusual retail spaces attract customers. It’s as simple as that. And that’s why more and more designers specify our natural clay plaster wall finishes to give them this edge.



Clayworks Clay Plasters are much sought after for commercial projects. Its natural finishes help to create healthy working environments that combine rich colours with exquisite textures to achieve contemporary interiors of comfort and style.

Clayworks specialises in the retail, hospitality, restaurant, commercial and residential interior design industries. Working with architects, interior

designers and contractors, we have built a portfolio of projects which showcase the versatility of our clay plaster wall finishes.