The Passive House & Sustainable Building

Where do Clay Plasters fit?

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Clay Plasters are one of the materials leading the move towards the traditional building strategy of delivering the highest thermal and moisture buffering and breathable construction techniques within the very fabric of the building.

Passive House is a voluntary standard in building design aimed at creating ultra-energy efficient buildings that provide exemplary comfort all year round.

While the standard covers ventilation, windows, doors and passive solar design – beyond the scope of Clay Plasters – its focus on comfort, natural thermal regulation, moisture control, audio comfort and air quality are all standards that Clay Plasters naturally contribute to.

Clayworks’ company values and standards adhere strictly to the Passive House Manifesto, published by Elrond Burrell in 2014. Some of Burrell’s key points are, for example:

•  Buildings should be constructed from healthy, natural materials that interact positively with the outdoor and indoor environment modifying humidity and promoting excellent air quality and that have a positive psychological effect on people.

•  Buildings should be designed and constructed to standards that provide healthy, comfortable spaces and indoor environments for people to live, learn, work, play and rest in.


Aesthetic Comfort

From the sublime, calm and tranquil neutrals to the astonishingly dramatic bold colours and textures, clay plasters are natural, easy to work with, rich in texture and subtle without glare.

So soft and sensual that your eyes relax and you want to touch them.


Humidity & thermal comfort

Humidity has an impact on how we perceive temperature and controlling moisture within a building at between 30-70% is key for comfort. Clay Plasters naturally help maintain these levels minimizing mold and fungal growth in buildings without the use of mechanical systems or chemicals.

The denser the clay plaster finish, the more it will absorb excess heat and cold, helping to maintain more comfortable temperatures.


Accoustic Comfort

Clay has sound absorbing qualities that can actually improve the acoustics of a room: sounds that you want to hear will be clearer and background noises will be better absorbed.


Pure Comfort

Hauntingly beautiful, recyclable, reusable, compostable and 100% biodegradable, clay plasters are the perfect choice for environmentally conscious property developers, architects, builders and designers. They are nontoxic and contain no particulates, toxins, VOCs, synthetics or formaldehydes.

With a varied colour palette and a multitude of textures to choose from, Clayworks’ clay plasters provide a flexible medium in which bespoke finishes can be incorporated. Using Japanese hard-trowel or sponging techniques, a sleek finish perfectly mimicking polished cement can be achieved, or alternatively you can opt for a more industrial textured finish. Designs and artwork can also be carved, stamped or handcrafted into the finish.