Stylist and set designer Maria Sobrino creates set for Wallpaper Magazine.

Wallpaper’s Equatorial Retreat

They say few things unlock the creativity of a designer more than a material. Earlier this year, stylist and set designer Maria Sobrino used richly textured, ochre coloured clay plasters for her Wallpaper Magazine set ‘Earth Hues’.

Clayworks are renowned for working with designers to help facilitate their creation of experiential spaces that bring to life original design narratives. The extreme versatility of clay, combined with a dedicated research, development and manufacturing hub in Cornwall means that the materials can be used to re-create the look and feel of many styles of design and architecture quickly, simply and sustainably. Seamless and suitable for most surfaces, forms and shapes, clay plasters solve many problems, helping turn ideas into reality.

Small quantities of custom colours and textures can be created almost overnight and when applied onto wood or cardboard, the set can be compostable at the end of its short life since Clayworks finishes are entirely natural.