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A Cornish company has developed a pioneering plaster made from sustainable raw clay that looks just like classic polished cement

Achieving a perfect finish on the walls in a luxury home or a hotel is a task that is well worth taking time and effort over as it will significantly affect the look of the building for years to come.

The raw cement look has been popular with architects and designers for some time and polished cement wall-finishes have featured in many impressive interior design projects such as hotels, restaurants, offices and public buildings.

Sadly, the processes and materials used in the construction of polished cement coverings do not support healthy environments and this is a very real concern to those designing interiors that promote a sense of wellbeing.

The demand for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional polished concrete coatings has lead plaster manufacturers Clayworks to create its Tonal Range of polished cement effect plasters to include a whole new spectrum of naturally pigmented clay plaster wall finishes. Cornwall based Clayworks has developed a pioneering plaster made from sustainable raw clay that looks just like classic polished cement yet offers numerous advantages.

The Tonal Range offers good thermal and acoustic performance benefits which will appeal to designers of luxury homes, and busy places such as restaurants.

Recyclable, reusable, compostable and 100% biodegradable, clay plasters are superior to classic polished cement and composed of natural materials that are the perfect choice for environmentally conscious property developers, architects, builders and designers being nontoxic and not made from synthetic materials.

With a varied colour palette and a multitude of textures to choose from, polished cement effect clay plasters also provide a flexible medium in which bespoke finishes can be incorporated. Using Japanese hard-trowel or sponging techniques, a sleek finish perfectly mimicking polished cement can be achieved, or alternatively you can opt for a more industrial textured finish. Designs and artwork can also be carved, stamped or handcrafted into the finish, perfect for businesses seeking to combine graphics within their interior decoration schemes.

The 2015 Tonal Range of coloured clay plaster finishes have been developed to reflect the inherent beauty of the natural environment. Clayworks have recently been shortlisted as one of the UKs Green Leaders because of their ability to re-create fashionable wall finishes using only natural clays.

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